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Therapeutic Breathwork, or Conscious Connected Breathing is a cyclic, slightly faster than usual, breathing pattern that helps you move through repression of all kinds that may be holding you back or limiting your growth, vitality, and joy. Modern trauma research tells us that repression lives in the body on a cellular level, escaping even our most through efforts to identify it and to heal through classic modalities alone.


Therapeutic Breathwork is an effective tool for getting to the roots of: depression, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, addiction, as well as many other physical, mental and spiritual ailments that keep you locked in painful and evasive life cycles.  We will work on practices for re-training your daily maintenance breathing, as well as entering states of altered consciousness (through the breath) where the bigger shifts and deeper illuminations can occur.    We live in a time when plenty of in depth research is touting the power of this breath process to create deep and long lasting changes towards optimal living.  Specifically in the fields of psychology and trauma therapy, we’ve learned that we must address not only the mind, but also the body and the subconscious, if we want to see foundational and monumental changes occur.    This is a safe, and deeply rewarding process.  I've seen it change the course and quality of many lives, including my own.


I offer private breathwork sessions as well as group sessions and ongoing groups. Please contact me directly to inquire.

  • Breathing and Community- available online 5 days a week!

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    1 hr

    10 US dollars
  • Monthly group sessions to go deep

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    65 US dollars
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