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Breathwork is the most powerful resource I have in my personal arsenal.  No matter what’s up, no matter the feelings or circumstances, I have the presence and guidance of my spiritual connection to ease my experience towards growth and away from avoidance, reactivity and unconsciousness. Rather than have access to this in peak moments or only when active crisis demands, we can have a living, daily relationship with our higher self.

Daily or frequent practice has changed my life, my perspective and my ability to thrive.

Why does maintaining a daily practice elude us even when we have the best intentions? For me, simply, I was trying to do them alone.  

I created a monthly Membership option to increase access to this powerful practice, and to support regular practice.

Membership is more than a monthly fee with full class access. It is a loving, living thing, in which we are an irreplaceable part. Nebulous and virtual though it seems, it is a real web, with real people and real support. 

Our membership is designed for those who want to breathe regularly in community (at least a couple times a month, as much as 23 times a month!) and want the price to be more affordable. The membership gives you unlimited access to all Daily Breathe classes.

Daily Breathe is not a full breathwork process. It’s a way to start your day with an intentional check in about how you are and what you need, and a way to employ the spirit of breath, or simply Spirit, to be present in your life.

You can be a part of this family without purchasing a membership. You are welcome to drop in when you want to/need to and pay for the class that day.  

But, if you want to breathe more than 2.25 times a week, the membership will cost you less. It’s designed to financially aid those who want to breathe often -- and to provide an incentive to all of us who want to regularly access this powerful tool.

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